Goshen CFSS Winter Chess Tournament, Saturday, December 9, 2017

Online Entries - due December 8, 2017.

Use this form if you are NOTa CFSS member AND NOT a Goshen Community Schools student AND NOT the parent of a participating CFSS student or Goshen Community Schools student. Otherwise, please return to the tournament web site and find your correct entry procedure.

Your entry should appear on the tournament crosstable within 12 hours.

ATTENTION!! To keep our Novice sections (especially the youngest section) beginner friendly, we want to keep the use of clocks to a minimum. To that end, we are banning clocks (unless placed on a game by a director) and notation in the Novice K-3 section. In Novice 4-6, clocks will not be used (unless placed on a game by a director) and we reserve the right to require players to stop notating if their games are going long. Players in the oldest Novice group are free to notate and use clocks.

Players who want the full tournament experience (clocks and notation) are welcome to play in one of the rated sections, Open or Reserve.

Questions or problems? Contact Joe Riegsecker at joepye@pobox.com.

Entry and USCF fees
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Full Name
City, State, Zip
School (if applicable)
Grade (if applicable)
Phone Number(s) (include area code if not 574)
E-mail Address(es)
USCF ID number (if entering a rated section)
Date of Birth (if buying a USCF membership)

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