31st Elkhart County Scholastic Chess Championships

The 31st Elkhart County Scholastic Chess Championships will be held on Saturday, March 11, at Elkhart Central High School, located at 1 Blazer Boulevard, Elkhart, IN 46516 (map). The tournament is open to ALL students K-12, including non-Elkhart County residents, home school students, etc. (If you are not a student, consider entering the concurrent 6th Annual Elkhart County Adult Open.)

There will be one rated section. The Championship section is open to all students. The top Elkhart County finisher in the Championship section will be crowned the Elkhart County Scholastic Chess Champion, and will join this illustrious list. The Championship section will be 5-SS. The first 3 rounds will be played at a rate of G/35;d5. Rounds 4 & 5 will be G/45;d5. Students playing in this rated section must be or become members of the US Chess Federation (details on the entry form).

There will be one or more unrated Novice section for students K-12. This is an excellent opportunity for newer players to gain tournament experience. All players in the Novice section will play 6 games.

If you are not sure which section to enter, or this whole rated and unrated stuff bewilders you, go here for a little more information.

We reserve the right to modify sections, rounds, and time controls based on attendance.

All players should be at the tournament site by 8:30 a.m. Play begins at 9:00 a.m. The Novice section(s) should be done by 3:30. The Championship section should finish by 4:30.

Sets, boards, and clocks will be provided. Concessions will be available.

The entry fee is $8.

Enter by downloading the entry form or enter online with credit card or PayPal.

Entries will be posted here.

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